Freelance Spécialiste offshore, Subsea, technicien, Project manager, CEO, ROV technicien, Subsea matériel technicien.
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Opito Bosiet CA-EBS. N°. 19/10/2021. Survivex Aberdeen. Opito Bosiet Huet EBS. N°. Survivex Aberdeen. Offshore Medical Certificate Med N° . Survivex Aberdeen. Norwegian Escape Chute. N°. . Opito MIST . Survivex

MR Pi... M...


CLEDER 29233 Fr

Expertise :

In the following industries:
Offshore, ingénierie, mécanique, contrôle client, management,.

Fields of practice:
Subsea, Offshore, Technique

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction des Operations Direction Technique Direction de la Production

Types of interventions:
Sous-marines, offshore, surface.

Training courses attended:
Hydraulique, Mécanique, Classe 2A, électromécanique, opito Bosiet CA-EBS, opito Bosiet Huet, opito Mist, Médicale offshore, Shoulder Measurment.

Commercial diver, mecanique teacher, offshore tec, Project manager.


Led training courses:

Computer skills:

Languages: En 0 0

Some references:
Areva, Vinci, Edf nucléaire.

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24 Years in recreational diving, 14 years as a commercial diver, 2 years

on oil rigs, 9 years management, more than 30 years in multimechanical

projects, speaks French/English.

Diving and underwater works have always been a passion to me, for

this reason, I chose subsea. My goal is to use my mechanical skills

under the water.

Subsea engineering, problems solving, adaptation on site and working

conditions, adapt research and development to applications in the

field are all passionating challenges.

As explained in my Resume, I have an entrepreneur mindset, always to

defend the company I work for, keeping my colleagues safe and

comply with the QHSE requirements are a priority to me.

More information available upon request.

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